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Law 3851/2010: “Accelerating the development of Renewable Energy Sources to deal with climate change and other regulations addressing issues under the authority of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change”

Carlos Mateu
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The law 3851/2010 describe the legislation for investments in photovoltaic solar energy in Greece.

In Article 1 of law No. 3468/2006 (A’ 129) the existing statute is numbered as paragraph 1 while paragraphs 2 and 3 are added as follows:
“2. The protection of the climate, through the promotion of electrical energy production from R.E.S., constitutes an environmental and energy priority of the highest importance for the country.
3. The national targets for the R.E.S. until the end of 2020, based on Directive 2009/28/EC (EEL, 140/2009), are set as follows:
α) Contribution of the energy produced from R.E.S. to the gross final energy consumption by a share of 20%.
β) Contribution of the electrical energy produced by R.E.S. to the gross electrical energy consumption to a share of at least 40%. A decision of the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change which is issued within three (3) months from the date this law goes into effect and is published, determines the desired proportion of installed capacity and its distribution in terms of time among the various R.E.S. technologies. This decision is reviewed every two years or less, if there are important reasons related to achieving the goals of Directive 2009/28/EK.
γ) Contribution of the energy produced by R.E.S. to the final energy consumption for heating and cooling to a share of at least 20%.
δ) Contribution of the electrical energy produced by R.E.S. to the gross electrical energy consumption in transportation to a share of at least 10%.”


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