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RENEXPO® Central Europe.

Start 10/05/2012   //  End : 12/05/2012 

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RENEXPO® Central Europe.
This is the best opportunity to present your projects, services and products on the Hungarian market and in the Pannonia Basin! Be part of the Solar Park exhibition area at the RENEXPO.

As hub between Western and Eastern Europe, the RENEXPO® in Budapest offers an ideal platform for tapping international business opportunities! The event traditionally focus on the perspectives of the European markets, in particular Central Europe. Due to its favourable geographic location, it has been helping companies to access the markets of Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe for many years.

Companies coming from Austria, China, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia such as: Heckert Solar AG, edirektsolar GmbhH, IBC Solar, Centrosolar, Donauer Solartechnik Vertriebs GmbH, MARTIFER SOLAR SK s.r.o., Sunset Energietechnik Gmbh, TISUN GmbH, Shandong blessed huihuang PV Energy Co. Ltd., SIEL Inczédy és Társa Kft., KLNSyS Kft., Wagner Solar Hungária Kft., SUNWO Zrt.-CWS, Eco3Energy s.r.o., C+D Automatika Kft., Hungarian Photovoltaic Industry Association exhibited at the RENEXPO® in 2011 in the Solar Park exhibition area.

A solar energy industry is present in Hungary and developing continuously, even if relatively high equipment prices and low governmental support do not create sufficient motivation for wide-spread application. Although it seem like new funding for PV and other renewable energies for Hungarian companies and municipalities will be available from March.

A large increase is expected in solar power utilization in the Hungarian market, due to the current low occupancy rate (approximately 90,000 square meters of solar panels are located just throughout the country).

In order to support the development of this branch, parallel to the trade fair REECO is going to organise on the 11 May the 1st International Solar Conference in Hungary titled PV development opportunities in Hungary and international experiences.

The trade fair will feature the following sectors:


  • Silicon - and Thinfilm Modules 
  • Mounting Systems 
  • Inverters
  • Cables and electrical connectors
  • Crystalline and thin film modules
  • Solutions for lighting and surge protection
  • Mounting systems (stand-alone systems, add-on systems)
  • Wafers&silicons technology, solar panels
  • Assembly and accesories
  • (Small) solar units, charging stations & batteries

Solarthermal Energy

  • Flat Plate and Tube Collectors 
  • Pipig and Insulated Piping 
  • Storage Technologies
  • Industrial use of Solarthermal Energy 
  • Pumps and monitoring stations
  • Mounting systems

Solar Cooling

  • Adsorption and absorption colling systems
  • Desiccant and evoparative cooling systems


  • Software for designing and planning
  • Financing and contracting services

The target visitors for this sector are:

  • solar heating and cooling experts
  • solar installers
  • planners
  • architects
  • engineers
  • farmers
  • local communities
  • skilled tradesmen

Are you active in the solar sector? Then contact us today for a non-binding quote and reserve one of the best exhibition spots in the Solar Park.

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