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The meeco Group welcomes Turkey’s Ministry of Agriculture delegation in Alicante

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The meeco Group welcomes Turkey’s Ministry of Agriculture delegation in Alicante
Water pumping system sun2flowTM proposed for irrigation purposes in central Turkey

The Spanish subsidiary of The meeco Group, meeco España S.L. with offices in Alicante (Comunidad Valenciana), recently received a delegation of the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture. The newly developed solar power pumping system sun2flowTM, which aims at providing reliable and mobile power for irrigation purposes was presented to the delegation. Although the sun2flowTM unit installed
on the grounds of the Spanish subsidiary is a fixed installation, sun2flowTM itself is also available as a mobile solution and thus, can provide solar power anywhere on the globe - especially in remote areas where crop field irrigation is expensive and complicated.

“Until not so long ago, having water available in remote areas for irrigation or cattle needs without any kind of access to the grid was a painful and expensive process. Still today a lot of farmers use a diesel generator to operate their water pumping systems”, explains Dieter Trutschler, Sales Director of The meeco Group. “The meeco Group has therefore developed sun2flowTM, the ideal solution to pump water in off-grid areas where lakes, rivers or natural water reserves can easily be found. Its operational principle is to connect photovoltaic modules to a water pumping technology and thus allow for real time and in-situ operation of the pump. These modules are optimally mounted on a trailer for an increased mobility and use anywhere as long as the sun shines.”

The sun2flowTM system operated at the Finca Gamborino in Alicante is a 1.6 kW photovoltaic installation combined with a 10 kWh battery pack. Its distinctive feature is that it is a semi mobile unit since it is neither mounted on a trailer nor attached to a racking system. It simply rests on concrete blocks and is thus ready to be picked up and transported to another site within minutes. The system in Alicante is used to irrigate plants and orange trees on the grounds, and it has also proven to be a reliable solution for the daily watering of both riding rings.

The Turkish delegation showed a great interest in this technology, its construction and the potential the sun2flowTM has to offer. “We have been invited to a site inspection in early September to central Turkey, where the government is planning to develop a new irrigation network. We are very much looking forward to taking on this new challenge and providing technical advisory services and our sun2flowTM solution to meet the needs in Turkey”, Mr. Trutschler concludes.

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