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Introduction to Grid Integration and Energy Storage for Renewable Power

Start 24/09/2012   //  End : 24/09/2012 


Introduction to Grid Integration and Energy Storage for Renewable Power
A 1-Day introduction to the challenges of large-scale renewable power: Economic & technological factors around reliability, system planning & cost

Course objectives

In developing future energy strategies - particularly where renewable sources such as solar and wind hold significant shares -a number of challenges arise, driven by the dependence of power generation on natural energy variability. This course, designed like all Green Power Academy training to be accessible to commercially-minded business people, provides an excellent introduction to:

  • The economics of power generation, its pricing and grid distribution
  • Where and why energy storage can play a role
  • The cost-benefit analyses which will determine its market growth
  • The technological solutions through which it can be achieved

Agenda Details

The Business Challenges in Large-Scale, Grid-delivered Renewable Power

  • Grid integration challenges for variable and intermittent renewables such as solar and wind
  • The commercial importance of measures and factors such as capacity factor, dispatchability, time of supply and capacity contribution
  • Understanding the impact of renewable sources on the economics and efficiencies of conventional power plants, and the grid system as a whole
  • Centralised vs. distributed renewable power delivery
  • Power markets, pricing and interconnection

Applications of Energy Storage

  • Including: load shifting, peak shaving, power regulation and quality
  • Grid balancing and demand management, including "smart grids"
  • Transmission and distribution capacity planning
  • Differentiating Energy vs. Power capacity requirements in different storage applications

Solutions for Energy Storage

  • Understanding current and future storage options, including:
    • Pumped storage
    • CAES (compressed air energy storage)
    • Thermal storage
    • Flywheels, Capacitors& SMES
    • A multitude of battery types, including: Flow, NaS, Metal-air, Li-ion, Lead-Acid, fuel cells etc.
  • Explaining the differing characteristics and appropriate applications of the various storage technologies
  • Future electric transport markets and energy storage

The Economics of Renewable Power with and without Energy Storage

  • The capital, operating and marginal costs of renewable power: current data and a critique of how such figures are derivedv
  • The costs of the various storage technologies
  • Storage costs and their impact (positive and/or negative) on electricity costs:
    • The impact of storage on unit costs in electricity markets
    • Market structure and energy policy aspects in influencing the economics of energy storage
      • Including trading areas and renewable subsidies such as feed-in tariffs
    • The impact of storage on full power project lifecycle costs:
      • Levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) and storage sensitivity analysis


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