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Gehrlicher Solar signs a cooperation agreement with Federico Santa María Technical University to promote photovoltaic solar power in Chile.

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Gehrlicher Solar signs a cooperation agreement with Federico Santa María Technical University to promote photovoltaic solar power in Chile.
The CIE at the University and the German multinational corporation have agreed to work in the areas of innovation, development and training in renewable energy generation systems -such as photovoltaic solar energy, energy efficiency and others.

The signing of this document relates to an important cooperation agreement between Federico Santa María Technical University (USM) through its Energy Innovation Centre (CIE) and Gehrlicher Solar company, which is very interested in cooperating in Chile to implement energy technology, and specially photovoltaic solar energy, throughout the production of local goods and services and in developing spaces for innovation.

The signing ceremony was held yesterday at 12.00 (Chilean time) in the Central House at Valparaiso campus. The ceremony was led by USM Chancellor José Rodríguez and by Gehrlicher Solar España CEO Francisco Espín Sánchez, who travelled from Spain to show his interest in promoting photovoltaic energy in Chile.

In this context, both institutions agree to design, implement and assess a Work Plan establishing the joint cooperation actions among the parties within the areas of innovation, development, training in renewable energy generation systems -such as photovoltaic solar energy, energy efficiency, process optimization and automatic systems, among others. Within this framework, Gehrlicher Solar is interested in cooperating to launch research, development and innovation actions to transfer their results into the industry.

The Director of the Energy Innovation Centre, Jaime Espinoza, stated: "For CIE this agreement involves its need for a strategic association with Research Centres and international companies to establish links for joint research, development and projects using the European experience in renewable energy, specially in solar energy." Gehrlicher is focused in developing photovoltaic energy. Its investment costs have dropped remarkably becoming increasingly competitive as compared to other non-conventional energy sources and even more competitive as regards conventional fossil energy sources. But there are specific issues of high relevance, at least for Chile, such as useful life and behaviour of photovoltaic modules at great heights, with high irradiance, huge daily ambient temperature variations and wind-driven particles and pollution (close to mining areas). There are areas to be researched and this agreement will boost them."

For his part, Gehrlicher Solar España CEO Francisco Espín, commented: "Chile is a priority country for us as I believe it has a great potential in the photovoltaic solar energy industry. Our acquired experience in Europe in the last 18 years, specially in Germany, Spain and Italy, will help us reach a higher efficiency and profitability in our future projects in this country and share this knowledge with the Federico Santa María Technical University. Among the last projects carried out almost worldwide the first photovoltaic roof at a football stadium in Latin America stands out. This system at Pituaçu stadium in Salvador (Brazil) has been recently connected to the grid."

About Gehrlicher Solar España S.L.
Gehrlicher Solar España is the Spanish subsidiary of the PV international company based in Germany, Gehrlicher Solar AG. The company started business in Spain in 2001 and it currently has around 60 employees in its offices of Murcia and Madrid. Gehrlicher Solar AG also has subsidiaries and joint ventures in Brazil, France, United Kingdom, India, Italy, South Africa, Turkey and USA. The company which was founded in 1994 develops, plans, builds, finances, operates and maintains solar power plants for ground mounting and for roofs – from small residential installations to multi-megawatt systems. In addition, it distributes solar modules and inverters as well as components from its own GehrTec product range. Gehrlicher Solar also plans, develops and manages photovoltaic funds and private placements for private and institutional investors. For further information, please visit

About Federico Santa María Technical University
Founded in 1931, the Federico Santa María Technical University has been a pioneer and leader institution in teaching and spreading science and technology from its beginnings. It fulfils visionary and innovative businessman Federico Santa María's dream of leaving it to Valparaiso and the country to change technical education substantially and stimulate education as a tool for human progress and development. It currently offers education in the widest range of engineering fields all over the country including architecture and aeronautics with graduate and postgraduate technical programmes. With more than 15,000 students all over the country, it is a study destination for many young foreigners who come for exchange and academic training programmes. The University is also a centre of intense artistic, cultural, sport and leisure activities. For more information, please visit

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