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Vector Cuatro opens new offices in Canada.

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Vector Cuatro opens new offices in Canada.
The firm also has offices in Spain, Italy and France.

First Canadian Place, one of the tallest skyscrapers located in Toronto's financial center, will host the new Vector Cuatro offices in Canada from May. The premises will serve as operational center for the firm's activities throughout North America.

Vector Cuatro has been providing professional services in North America in the last year. After a successful race to consolidate its activities in the markets of Spain, Italy and France, the Spanish firm has decided it is time to serve the North American market locally too.

The market in Ontario (Canada) has become one of the most attractive in the world since the adoption of the FIT program in 2009, which has just been renovated in March, and has new rules under the so-called FIT 2.0.

With the opening of new offices, Vector Cuatro has now more than 70 people as part of the team, professionals from different disciplines, specializing in the Renewable Energy sector.

Vector Cuatro, leader in investment, management and engineering in the Renewable Energy Industry, currently has over 550 MWp under management spread across different projects worldwide.

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