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Ecoluz Gehrlicher Solar do Brasil completes the construction and commissioning of the photovoltaic plant of Pituaçu football stadium in Salvador de Bahia.

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Ecoluz Gehrlicher Solar do Brasil completes the construction and commissioning of the photovoltaic plant of Pituaçu football stadium in Salvador de Bahia.
This unique project, which has been developed due to the initiative of the electricity board of the state of Bahia (COELBA) and the government of that state, is the first photovoltaic system implanted in a football stadium in South America.

Gehrlicher Ecoluz Solar do Brasil S.A., Joint Venture formed by Gehrlicher Solar AG and the Brazilian company Ecoluz Participacoes S.A., has completed the construction and commissioning of the photovoltaic plant of 5,560 sqm. extension of Pituaçu football stadium in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), at the end of March, connecting it to the grid on Saturday, 24th March.

In August 2011, Gehrlicher Ecoluz Solar do Brasil S.A, was awarded an international tender by the Brazilian utility Coelba (belonging to Neoenergia Group). The contract included planning and construction of the first photovoltaic system on a soccer stadium in Latin America. The plant, with a total capacity of 408 kWp, integrates two different module technologies: PVL modules of 144, thin, flexible and very light manufactured by United Solar Ovonic (Uni-Solar), amounting to a power of 238 kWp and which have been installed on the roof of the stadium and monocrystalline modules manufactured by Yingli Solar YL265, with an output of 170 kWp and installed in the locker room and parking canopies, which was built under the guidance of a design and engineering team of Gehrlicher Solar. Some of the energy produced will be used for own consumption of the stadium.

The involvement of Coelba and the State Government of Bahia, owner of the stadium and the photovoltaic plant, has been the key to the success of the project. "Pituaçu should be an example of how solar power works and the growth potential of this technology in a country like Brazil," says Ana Mascarenhas, energy efficiency advisor of Neoenergia Group.

"The photovoltaic plant of Pituaçu Stadium is a landmark in the development of the photovoltaic market in Brazil and from now on, many other facilities will be made based on their concept”, declares David Ricardo da Silva, CEO of Gehrlicher Ecoluz Solar do Brazil.

About Gehrlicher Solar España S.L.

Gehrlicher Solar España is the subsidiary of the German multinational photovoltaic company Gehrlicher Solar AG. The company started its activity in Spain in 2001 and has around 60 employees in this country, with offices in Murcia and Madrid. Gehrlicher Solar AG has got subsidiaries and joint ventures in Brazil, France, Great Britain, India, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Turkey and the USA.

The company which was founded in 1994 develops, plans, builds, finances, and operates solar power plants for ground mounting and for roofs – from private houses to multi-megawatt systems. In addition, it distributes solar modules and inverters as well as components from its own GehrTec product range. Gehrlicher Solar also plans, sets up and manages profit- oriented photovoltaic funds and private placements for private and institutional investors.

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