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Battery LiFePO4 2.5 5.0 7.5 10.0 BYD B-BOX 2.5-10.0
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PV Kit 3000wp. KITRED 3000
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Proyecto (e)co

(e)co Team
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Proyecto (e)co
(e)co’s dwelling distribution is not organized in tag spaces. The house is distributed through the activities it involves, multiple not programmed spaces. The user and the objects define the space according the needs, the season or the preferences.



Interspaces are a way to enlarge constructed surface without increasing much its price and acclimatization cost. It’s a privacy gradient, a potential relationship space with variable conditions and variable ways of inhabit it.


Economical "Hard" Exterior

Exterior skin of (e)co is a zero cost acclimatization machine which works as a greenhouse in winter and as shade structure in summer. It is an industrialized structure, with reusable and easy to adapt elements. It contains exterior storage elements for vegetation, equipment and furniture, while providing shade to the house.

Organic "Soft" interior

Interior modules constructed in organic local materials benefit from local constructive solutions.


(e)co heat their interior modules with water circulating through radiating panels. The water is heated by solar collectors in the south façade.

Greywater is filtered and cleaned by a wetland, rainwater is collected in the exterior skin, and both are reused for cleaning, washing. All these facilities are in the exterior skin’s storage spaces.


100% of energy of the house is produced by solar photovoltaic cells on the roof. (e)co uses the greenhouse’s technology to adapt cells to maximum production according to the sun position. Cells keep horizontal in summer, when sun has the highest incidence angle. In winter, the roof closes to maintain air temperature, adapting to the low angle of sun.


Equilibrium through cooperation

It became not just the motto, the communication and social awareness project is focused to involve our target groups, achieving real participation where audience became an important element itself.


Online and offline activities have been organized to attract the attention of non-just the general public but other interested audience as well as non-green minds: conferences, workshops, visits, media platforms...



Local economies, proximity industries, and artisan material development strongly connected with sustainable development find a balance together with standardized elements, high degree of industrialization, and best available technology in (e)co. the balance within different systems produce a more effective result, using less resources and gaining maximum performance.

Market viability

(e)co’s design started by understanding actual needs in relationship to the actual context, people need an economical dwelling to create a real sustainable alternative. Two different industrialization process is one way (e)co approaches this problem, by minimizing costs using very low cost elements, and introducing elements to which consumers are more linked to, as traditional and local elements.

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2/4/2019 · Resumen del borrador que regulará las condiciones administrativas, técnicas y económicas del autoconsumo, que incluye Facturación Neta (balance neto).

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