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The project "casas em movimento" – moving houses, settles in the capacity of interaction with the environment and the variations of luminosity during the day.

Searches in the Sun's potential, source of light and heat, as also in the management and mutation of the spaces of the house, giving answers to the daily routine of the XXI century through an inhabitation that draws the route of the sun and from it, it feeds.The elements that allow the self sustainability are faced in a plastic way and integrated in the house.

The house CEM/SDE was developed in the University of Oporto proposes in its conception and energetic, the possibility of adaptation and upgrading constantly the technologies associated, according to the financial situation of the family, creating consequently a more efficient house during the years.


The prototype that will be in exhibition in 2012 represents one of the variations of the concept and a certain bet in conciliating innumerous innovating factors, like the independence the growing of the houses' spaces throughout the life of the inhabitants, or the modular construction drawn to adapt to the family's needs, adapting and evolving according to the family needs that indwells the house, that can grow or become smaller depending on the life style in the different stages of our lives.

The concept "casas em movimento" searched on the sun's potential, the source of light and heat, as well as the management and mutation of spaces in the house, answers to the uneventful life of the XXI century. A dwelling that interacts with the environment and solar luminosity variations, recreates at each moment a new interior and exterior space, adapting itself to the daily routine, changes its view during the day, draws the sun's course, and from him it feeds.

Developing various typologies, the concept sought a diversity of forms and spaces, linking itself interactively, optimizing all the potentialities that the place offers to the practice of architecture, to the life its inhabitant, always adapting the needs of the man to the space.

With the admission of new members in the team the group spirit was renewed, the concept was purified, introducing new methods and new ideas that has permitted proliferate each one's knowledge, fomenting group discussion in search for the house's best solution.

The concept of the building appeared from the will to invert the actual state of energetic dependence of the national electrical network creating a dwelling capable to produce energy for self sustainability. The house has a system able to charge batteries of an electric car or to introduce energy surplus in the network, making viable the building's profit and its investment.

We intend to suit the last generation technology in pursuit of guaranteeing a bigger improvement in renewable energy, making the best management of the resources using informatics means, integrating all the equipment in a beautiful building that cohabits with nature.

In this project we explore not only the usage of photovoltaic panels, but also other equipments with a luminosity adaptive glass, and movements which will recover energy. Regarding the passive recovery system we value the usage of materials with thermal and acoustic insulation due to its nature, like wood or cork, looking at taking advantage of the national product offer. Variety of exterior spaces like a reflecting pool, permeable pavements, or other surfaces are adapted to the house during all day, always concerning about the footing , taking advantage of the most adequate surface in the moment, varying the possibilities between the dawn and sunset, and also, between the 4 seasons during the year.

The motion of the house, besides the energetic improvement, ensures also new concepts of dwelling - controls all the involving space, being the house made for his user and not the other way round, consequently the habitation answers the needs of the inhabitant.

The management of all resources implemented here is therefore optimized thanks to the insertion of domotics, being the informatics programming that replies to studies made during the development of the project by its needs and demands dictate by the Team Cem+nem-.

At this moment we are investing in project's propagation in a national level by participating in sustainability events, like "UrbaVerde 2011 – Feira das Cidades Sustentáveis", promoted by ADENE (Agência para a Energia – Agency for the Energy), where were showed the participants of Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 by the Solar Decathlon Manager, architect Edwin Rodriguez, and the 10action Project. We are also investing in publicizing all the team's activities on local newspapers, team which represents not only the University of Porto but also the country in this event, Solar Decathlon 2012.

Despite all, we searched near businessmen with national renown the backup for the construction of the project, at financial level and the idea's promotion, looking to attract the investors' interest, future partners and clients to commercialize the building.

The project "casas em movimento" takes place on the vanguard of Architecture and Engineering, looking to sustainability as a reason to dwell and to the construction of a new future, pursuing the concept of "house as a living element", adapting and offering the best quality of the inhabitant's life.

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