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Poly Modul 265Wp REC REC265PE
Módulo policristalino 265wp
135 €
PV Kit 3000wp. KITRED 3000
Kit FV 3000wp.
3964.14 €
 BYD B-BOX 13.8
Batería LiFePO4 13.8 KWh
5300 €
Battery LiFePO4 2.5 5.0 7.5 10.0 BYD B-BOX 2.5-10.0
Batería LiFePO4 2.5 5.0 7.5 10.0
1300 €


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It believes in the utopia of a greener world. A world of responsibility. For the nature AND for the culture. Culture is the utmost offspring from nature. And like every responsible parent nature EMBRACES culture.

It provides it with its resources. To benefit the most from nature culture has to TUNE into the premises of nature. Adapt. Adjust. Reenact. Play with its parental heritage. Growing up, learning from the nature and developing beyond it makes it a strong person. A responsible person. Sometimes an annoying overachiever. But when it comes down to basic value it always keeps its head cold and remembers its childhood learning: always SHARE the good stuff with your friends.

FOLD is a house that took its shape from a FOLDED rectangular – a creative idea originating from the intensive brainstorming sessions of Team DTU in June 2011. This house has a SPACIOUS and NON-LINEAR structure that allows it to be flexible depending on the locality where it will be situated: the angle of the folding elements can be altered to allow for the maximum exposure of the solar cells towards the sun and as such improved energy-efficiency.

At the center of the house is its TECHNICAL CORE, which contains all the technical installations and serves as the lung of the house. It is not a part of the FOLD itself, and is visually emphasized both from the inside and outside the house.

FOLD contains one bright and big room, and the existence of the core brings gravity into this space.  The BALANCE of the floating space inside and the heavy and concentrated core gives a UNIQUE feeling and expression to FOLD.

FOLD is a house that EMBRACES its inhabitants, surroundings and the resources available naturally, such as solar energy.

FOLD becomes a natural and harmonic part of its surroundings, it is made to interact with surroundings and TUNE itself accordingly. Its design enables changing the structure depending on the geographical location where it will be placed.

FOLD is producing energy. But not only for itself, is wants to SHARE with the community and give as much as it can.

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